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In Ravendawn there is no fixed class system. Instead, your class is determined by your 3 active archetypes (from 8 available). As you can change your active archetypes at any moment (starting from level 15), you can subsequently change your class whenever you like by paying a fee based in your legacy level.



Each archetype has its own level and experience bar. Whenever you gain experience, it will be split across all 3 of your currently active archetypes. The average level of your current 3 archetypes is your "Effective Level", which will determine how many skill and status points you have available, as well as which equipment your character can use. Each archetype also has its own skill tree. As you progress down the skill tree, the cost of acquiring new skills gradually increases. For every 5 skill points allocated within a specific tree, you can also choose a passive skill to enhance their character's abilities, which always cost 3 skill points.


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