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Quests are objectives that reward upon completion. It's possible to obtain anything from Reputation, Silver, Infusions, Equipment, Accessories to access to new areas and progression in the Main Story. For each quest a minimum level is required to be able to start it, to do this you just have to have the required Legacy Level and interact with the NPC who starts the quest.

How to Start a Quest

When a quest becomes available, an icon is shown on the map and minimap, to start it, simply go to the indicated location and interact with the NPC.

Completing a Quest

Each quest can have a variety of tasks, which can be killing monsters, going to certain places, exploring, talking to NPCs, delivering items, so it is important to check the Quest Log to see what the quest is asking for, the general objectives will be highlighted. on the map with a yellow circle. There are also some quests that ask you to use a quest item (this can be found in Inventory, in the Quest tab). After completing all the tasks, the rewards will be added to your Inventory automatically or by delivering it to the NPC with the icon (Some quests have different rewards according to what you chose in the NPC dialogue, so pay attention, because it is not possible to go back on the choice you made).

Quest Log

Quests can be checked in the Quest Log which is opened by pressing "L". The Quest Log shows the current quests started and those that have already been completed, it is also possible to show the details of each one by clicking on the desired quest.

North Star

North Star Quests are quests that you acquire and complete automatically every 5 levels, they reward Silver, Infusion, Tradepack Certificates, Dawn Essence and Land Deeds. To get the reward just open the quest details and click on Complete Quest.

Quest List

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