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The tradepack system is the primary economy system of Ravendawn, it is how majority of the silver is generated in the world. Tradepacks are simply a package of products put together by a player, and by transporting them to a tradepost, the player will obtain silver and at times other rare resources in exchange for the package.

How to Create a Tradepack

A tradepack can be created with dozens of different materials or combinations of materials, eggs, milk, wheat, ore, lumber just to name a few. Almost any gathered material in the game can be used to create different trade packs. You can also create them using a tradepack certificate and exchange for any type of tradepack on a tradepost.

Tradepack certificates can be obtained through quests or supplybags.

How much is a Tradepack Worth

A tradepack's value is influenced by 2 factors:

  • Its demand at the tradepost its being sold at
  • The distance between the tradepost it was crafted and the tradepost where its being delivered

In the world of Ravendawn, the economy operates on a unique system where the distance between tradeposts remains constant, but tradepack values fluctuate based on demand at each tradepost. Whenever a tradepack is delivered, the demand for all tradepacks at that tradepost decreases, especially for the specific tradepack that was delivered. However, over time, the demand for all tradepacks at each tradepost gradually increases again, creating a self-balancing economy for the world's resources.

This dynamic economic system allows players to assess the demand and supply of resources at each tradepost in the game at any given time. Players can then decide whether to embark on safer journeys through the fields, transporting resources like iron ore from mining trips, or take riskier voyages across the ocean for tradepacks with higher demand, potentially yielding greater profits.


To calculate the value of a tradepack, consider the following formula:

Tradepack Value = (20000 + (12 × Tiles)) × Demand


  • 20000 is the base price of any tradepack crafted.
  • 12 represents the silver value per tile.
  • Tiles is the number of tiles in the route, which players can check before embarking on the journey.
  • Demand represents the current demand, expressed as a decimal, for a specific tradepack at the destination tradepost.

For example, if the demand for a tradepack is 110% and there are 900 tiles in the route, the calculation would be as follows:

Tradepack Value = (20000 + (12 × 900)) × 1.1 = (20000 + 10800) × 1.1 = 30800 × 1.1 = 33880

Therefore, the value of the tradepack would be 33,880 silver.

Trading on Land

On Land tradepacks can be transported using Tradecarts or Wagons. There are dozens of different Wagons in Ravendawn, some are larger or smaller, allowing carrying more tradepacks than another. One may allow for slightly faster travel, another may allow you to sneak past possible enemies.

However Tradecarts are not the only thing that affect your trading on land, mounts do as well! Mounts will have a strength stat to them, mounts with higher strength stats will be able to move at a higher speed when pulling a tradecart.

Trading by Sea

Some tradeposts are on distant islands and to take your tradepack there you need to travel by ship. Careful! The seas of Ravendawn are a permanent PvP zone (except in places close to the docks) In addition to the danger of monsters and pirate ships, you may come across players looking for riches.

Take care of your Tradepack

Be very careful when you are carrying a tradepack, if you die it will fall to the ground (or into the sea if you are on a boat) and can be collected by other players.


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