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Lands And Housing

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In Ravendawn, your journey begins with access to the community land, which is instanced and located within the city of Ravencrest. Every player has access to community land, and can sow crops, raise livestock and plant different types of trees. However, securing an estate unlocks the potential for constructing personalized homes, expanding them with additional rooms, and adding unique decorations and trophies.

Community Land

The Community Land system in Ravendawn allows players to enjoy the benefits of land ownership, even if they can't afford their own property. The size of the community land expands with the legacy level of the player; however, players need to complete the quest in story mode called The City of Ravencrest to access the system, regardless of their level.

Community land with a small house and a field of planted corn, v1.0.4


Estates are limited within the world of Ravendawn. As well as planting crops, trees and breeding animals, estates have the additional benefit of also letting players place down houses, which can be upgraded, customized and decorated. Estates come in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Locating Estates

In order to locate an available estate follow the steps below:

  1. Open your map (M)
  2. Toggle the Housing Viewer slider on the right side of the map interface
  3. Select the region you wish to locate the estate in
  4. Select the size(s) of the estate you wish to locate

The different available estates will be represented as small icons in your map.

Claiming an Estate

A Land Deed is needed in order to claim an estate. Players receive all 3 land deeds by completing the corresponding North Star quests. This land deed scroll can then be used to claim an estate of the corresponding size anywhere in the Ravendawn world where land is available. While the first North Star quest provides a small land deed, larger land deeds can be obtained later during the game. Addionally, each estate costs an additional silver fee immediately when purchasing, as well as a recurring silver tax fee every week.

Once you have a land deed in hand:

  • Visit one of the available housing areas where you wish to purchase your estate
  • Click on the house icon to the left of your minimap to bring up housing mode
  • Click on the estate you wish to purchase.

Estate Sizes

Image Name Cost Level Tax (Weekly) Deed Size
Small Estate  10,000 25  8,000 Small Land Deed 100 SQM (10×10)
Medium Estate  500,000 40  16,000 Medium Land Deed 144 SQM (12×12)
Large Estate  5,000,000 70  34,000 Large Land Deed 225 SQM (15×15)

Using Land

You can access your community or estate land functions by clicking on the house icon to the left of the minimap to bring up housing mode.

Housing Mode

  • Farm: Contains all the crops and animals you can plant/breed on your land.
  • Rooms: Contains all the different room types you can build in your land's house (only applicable for estates).
  • Decoration: Contains all of the different decorations you can place inside a house's existing room (only applicable for estates).


In order to undertake any activity on Land (both community and estate land), players need to spend Effort points, which is obtained through routine tasks like hunting creatures, gathering resources from the world or completing quests. It's worth noting that neither land gathering nor crafting yields any effort points.

Deleting a Home

When you're ready to move to another location or perhaps upgrade to a higher tier property, you'll first need to ensure your house chest is empty and removed.

You don't need to delete your existing house or community land before seeking new land. You can opt to delete it in the Housing Viewer just before claiming the new plot you want.

To delete a house without immediately purchasing a new one, stand inside your property. Then access the home building menu as shown to the right (from the button on the minimap).

From there, simply press delete (DEL) on your keyboard, and you'll see a prompt asking you if you're sure you want to remove your property.

As the prompt says, the following will happen upon deletion:

  • 80% of the material you spent upgrading your land/house will be refunded to your bank.
  • Land deeds and Ravencrest Emblems will be 100% refunded.
  • The land will be available for claim (if it's in public lands, anyone can claim it on any channel)

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