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Respawn Shrines

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Whenever your character dies, they will respawn at the closest respawn shrine located within the region of death. There are several respawn shrines located all around the world of Ravendawn, and to move between them you are required to pay a small sum of silver. While you're free to start your travels from any shrine, you can only journey to destinations for which you've fulfilled the unlock requirements. The unlock requirement usually includes a minimum legacy level and in some cases, a particular journal completion.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to move between any respawn shrine you must have completed the tutorial quest "The City of Ravendawn".

Respawn Shrine Locations

Name Region Legacy Level Additional Requirements
Ravencrest Ravencrest 0
North Glademire Glademire 0
Rohna Woods Rohna Woods 0
Sajecho Island Sajecho Island 20
Harbor Island Harbor Island 30
Zephyr Vale Zephyr Vale 35
Firslight Zephyr Vale 35 Complete the third artifact for Zephyr Vale
Hadarak Desert Hadarak Desert 35
Forsaken Mountains Forsaken Mountains 45
Gilead Island Gilead Island 45
Glaceforde Glaceforde 45
Saint Alsek Glaceforde 45 Complete the first artifact for Glaceforde
Crowhollow Bog Crowhollow Bog 45
Elder Coast Elder Coast 55
Fields of Despair Fields of Despair 55 Complete part of the story quest "Raiders of the Wicked Seals"
Frost Steppes Frost Steppes 60
The Blotch The Blotch 74

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