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Artifacts are collectible treasures of mystic wonder, coveted for their power to reveal new adventures, new trade opportunities with NPCs and other hidden secrets! You won't use them as equipment or trinkets; instead, these items serve as prerequisites for receiving certain rewards that will enhance your gaming experience!

As you progress your character, explore the world and engage in various activities within the Ravendawn Universe, you will obtain and collect some of them. Let's take a closer look at how and where you can find them?

How to get?

Collecting Artifacts shall not be a task easily undertaken, but it shall undoubtedly bestow its rewards upon those who commit themselves to this journey! Following Ravendawn’s philosophy, there are different ways to obtain these collectibles, which means you can and should engage in various activities if you want to enjoy the rewards they have to offer.

Artifacts can be obtained by completing Story Quests & Dynamic Events, participating in some Open World activities, interacting with NPCs, through rare creature drops, and, of course, through extensive exploration!

Each region of Ravendawn has its own set of Artifacts, and you can easily check how to obtain them and what their rewards are, as well as track your progress in each of the following regions by opening Journals (J):


Where Will the Artifacts Take You?

Nothing like concluding a long journey with a good reward, right? We've put together some examples of how Artifacts influence the world of Ravendawn and how you can interact with it:

Secret Dungeons and Hidden Places

Access places and dungeons never before visited by Adventurers, open secret doors and venture into the lair of some powerful creatures! Who knows what secrets these places hold?

Exclusive Shops

Where you'll find one-of-a-kind treasures and specialized goods, guaranteeing a superior shopping experience during your travels through Ravendawn.

Exclusive Docks

Unlock exclusive docks to facilitate your mobility around the world, ensuring even greater mastery of maritime routes!

Respawn Shrines

Dawn allows you to respawn at exclusive altars! Unlock more Respawn Shrines throughout the world by collecting Artifacts.

Relationship with NPCs

Find lost NPCs, earn the respect of locals and turn your journeys into even more profitable ventures!

Exclusive Workshops

A break in the journey to craft at a Workshop that Goblin Engineers gave you access to?! That sounds like a very interesting idea to me!

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