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RavenCards are magic cards capable of modifying a skill, making it even more powerful. Each skill has 2 cards that can completely modify the way it is used.

There are currently 192 cards that can be unlocked.

How to get packs?

Ravenpacks are obtained by trading dawn essences. Dawn essence comes from leveling, quests, and from items dropped in-game. Consider it as a secondary currency to silver.

Access the Ravendawn Store either through the ESC menu, or here on your menu bar-

From here, you'll have the option to check how much Dawn Essence you have, as well as purchase as many packs as you can afford-

How to get essence?

Essence comes from a variety of places in the game, including supply bag drops from enemies, completing quests, and completing Northstar level points. Additionally, you can break down equipment as long as that equipment is at least tier 1; it cannot be your beginning/starter gear.

To break down gear into essence, you will need to visit NPC Selenia, south of the temple in Ravendawn City. Speak with her, and she will tell you how it's done.

Opening Packs

When you open a Ravenpack, you receive 5 random cards that are added to your card deck.

Dawn essences are obtained in several ways, through the Nort Star Quest, opening supply bags, carrying out missions around the world and destroying weapons or armor.

To open the Ravenpacks you need to access the 'G' menu (RavenCards) and access 'Packs'

When you have more than 5 Ravenpacks you can choose between opening just one pack or 5 packs at once.

When you choose to open 5 packs at once, you can view all the cards obtained by changing the top option to collected cards.


RavenCards have different rarities that increase the card's power, making them even more powerful. There are currently 7 types of rarities

The rarity of a Ravencard can be increased through Ravenshards.

When you receive a repeated card (same type and rarity already obtained) it is automatically destroyed and transformed into Ravenshards.

Ravenshards are used to upgrade the rarity of cards, so you can transform a lower rarity card into a higher rarity one, increasing its attributes.

If you are unlucky

RavenCards have a luck increase system, where you can increase the % chance of obtaining a card of a certain rarity if you don't get it at first, this % increases with each pack opened and when you get a card of a certain rarity its percentage returns to 0, this gives the most "unlucky" the chance to get cards with higher rarity.

How to use?

Each card is designed for a specific skill and can be equipped through the 'K' (Skills) menu. Within the menu you can find a button at the bottom to change from Skill to Cards. You can equip one card at a time for each skill you have unlocked, and you can also exchange them whenever you want (the cards are not lost when exchanged).

Card List

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