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Rangers Company

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All adventurers receive a formal invitation from the Rangers Company once they reach level 15, summoning them to show up at the company’s headquarters in Glademire. There, they will make their acquaintance with Grandmaster Maxxor, a seasoned monster hunter and current head of the company, who’s quite the character… (you should discover why by yourselves). After finishing their first assignment, they will be free to roam the whole world, visiting the outposts of the Rangers Company scattered through every region they visit, picking up tasks and climbing through their ranks.


The Rangers Company was born some time after Lucien’s landing at Ravendawn. Despite of its few native civilized communities, when the first Lyderians arrived at the continent, the land was still pretty much untamed: dangerous beasts preying about at every bush, Goblin raiding parties just waiting for unaware settlers to venture forth carelessly and vicious aberrations lurking in the shadows of forgotten dungeons.

While the problem was partially solved by the establishment of the Ravenguards, which protects the lands on behalf of Ravencrest to this day, it didn’t take long before the Crown noticed that it wasn’t enough. It was then that a group of bold adventurers, led by the legendary monster hunter from Lyderia, Heinrich von Oliv, took the initiative and founded the Rangers Company — a group dedicated to neutralizing hostile creatures which threatens human settlements while also studying their habits and battle tactics, helping to keep the balance wherever it’s needed. The company isn’t free of controversy though: some people still believe they are just a bunch of adventurers obsessed with hunting creatures endlessly just for the challenge and thrill of it. The Company’s ranks grew fast, recruiting capable adventurers from all over the land and erecting outposts in many regions, where they stand tall to this day.


When traveling through the world of Ravendawn, adventurers will frequently come across one of the Rangers Company’s outposts, scattered through many regions and ready to give their members tasks to fulfill.

To acquire a task, players will have to interact with a bounty board, a staple element of any outpost, and select which task they want to be assigned to. Tasks invariably revolve around defeating creatures of a certain region, but they come in three different length models: short, normal and long, and the longer it takes to complete a given task, the better the rewards they will receive by the end of it.

It’s always possible to reroll and get three new task options from the same region if someone feels like hunting a different type of creature, as long as they are willing to pay a hefty amount of silver each time they use this resource. After a task is accepted, however, there’s no way to reroll them until the accepted quest is either completed or canceled and after a certain cooldown passes as well. Every time someone successfully completes a task, a reward will be given in the form of prestige points and bounty marks. Prestige points are awarded every time a task is successfully completed and represents both the stature of someone within the company as well as their experience at fighting creatures. Every Adventurer joining the Rangers Company will begin as a mere recruit, but by reaching a certain number of Prestige Points, they will be raised to higher and higher ranks, until they are recognized as Champions.

To be recognized as a Warden, though, is a completely different story — Wardens are considered the absolute elite of the Company, an honor granted only to those who manage to be at the top 1% of a weekly Leaderboard. However, getting there just once won’t guarantee glory forever: to keep the title of Warden, one has to be at the top of the leaderboard every week, struggling to prove its supremacy within the Company. It may be more than worth the struggle, though, for Wardens have some very meaningful benefits for those capable of seizing it…


Getting a lot of Prestige Points won’t just help you make a name for yourself and rise through the Company’s ranks: it will also slowly and steadily hone your skills as monster hunters by increasing your expertise. Every time the expertise bar gets filled by acquiring enough Prestige Points, you will get a random expertise point assigned to a certain creature category. This will improve your combat capabilities against creature families who are a part of that respective category, increasing your physical power, magical power, physical defense, magical defense, critical chance or drop rate.


Being a dedicated member of the Rangers Company isn’t just about blood, battle and glory. Every time a task is successfully completed, bounty marks will be rewarded accordingly. Bounty marks are used within the company as a token of effort and value, allowing individuals to acquire very unique and highly useful items from the Munk Quartermaster NPCs who will be present at every outpost.

Exotic potions, enchanted rings and necklaces, powerful trinkets and appealing house cosmetics: a great variety of products that can’t be acquired anywhere else will be available to those willing to take their duty as a Ranger seriously — and willing to spend a certain amount of Silver too, of course, after all, we’re talking about Munks here, heroic deeds alone would never be enough. The higher the rank of someone within the Rangers Company, the higher the number and quality of products that will be at their disposal at the shop!

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