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Introducing Guilds! Bringing players together to share resources, knowledge, and unforgettable adventures is the backbone of every MMORPG. In Ravendawn, we want to elevate this unique and special experience to new heights. Guilds here are more than mere alliances or a feature, they’re vibrant communities where adventurers become legends!

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a weekend explorer, Ravendawn's Guilds cater to every playstyle. Hardcore or casual, Guilds are your gateway to forging bonds, making allies, exploring together and delving into thrilling Player vs Player showdowns that will echo through the ages!

The Taverns buzz with a question: Are you ready to rise as a Guild Leader or join the ranks of a legendary brotherhood?


Every legendary saga begins with a tale of origin, and now, the stage is set for your journey to unfold and forge your own legacy within the Guilds of Ravendawn.

Upon reaching Legacy Level 20, the grand doors to Guild Leadership swing wide open, beckoning you to create your Guild. Choose its name, design its flag/banner, define its focus (PvP/PvE) and infuse it with your unique essence! The entire process is not just seamless and intuitive, it’s the path to become a true Guild Leader!

Yet, if you prefer to explore the benefits and camaraderie of Guilds as a member, you can apply to and join Guilds as early as Level 15!


While the bonds of Guild membership bring camaraderie, they also come with responsibilities! If you’re not the Leader at the helm, then seize the opportunity to prove your worth and rise through the ranks of your Guild, up to the esteemed position of Vice-Leader:

Leader: Can invite & kick players, set up to 4 Vice-Leaders. Vice-Leader: Can invite & kick players, promote members to Commanders or Officers. Commander: Can invite & kick players, promote members to Officers. Officer: Can invite players. Member: No special privileges. Initiate: Automatically advances to Member status after 72 hours. All new invites start as Initiates and await automatic promotion to Member status.

In Ravendawn, we celebrate and encourage the inherent flexibility for Guilds to organize their internal structure. We understand that you, our players, not only love but excel at managing these dynamics.

When designing the system, our emphasis was on creating a platform that stands out for its uniqueness, dynamism, and, above all, fun. Beyond merely fostering a social experience, we recognize that Guilds constitute an integral part of the game's ecosystem, holding the potential to shape aspects such as the economy, combat strategies, and much more!

If strategy fuels your passion and the thrill of massive PvP content quickens your pulse, then your time has arrived! Enter the realms of Strongholds and Zone Wars, where power and control shift with every passing day, offering a battleground like no other.

Forge your legacy with Guilds as you emerge victorious in battles, claim Strongholds, and shape the fate of Ravendawn!


Discover the benefits that having a Stronghold as your Guild’s base of operations can bring!

As you explore the map, stumble upon several Strongholds strategically positioned around the world of Ravendawn ー and all of them are yours for the taking!

Which of the many Strongholds around the world will your Guild claim and shape into a symbol of its might and glory?!

Each day, a different Stronghold becomes the epicenter of Guild disputes through a dynamic auction system. By securing control, a Guild gains exclusive access to the Stronghold’s benefits, resources and facilities for an exhilarating 29-day period.

As the sun sets on this time, the question stands: will your Guild retain ownership and continue to assert dominance over this coveted territory?


The distinctive mark of a legendary Guild Leader is the ability to lead their companions to a glorious victory in the Zone Wars. Join ranks with your trusted guildmates in a colossal Guild vs Guild battleground where strategy and might collide!

When the drums of war start echoing and the gates of the Zone Wars open, your Guild will be faced with an intense, action-packed challenge, where you and your companions will have to strategize and fight your way around a meticulously designed map, featuring four pivotal Towers to capture and control to earn points, and a central objective that holds the key to victory against the opposing Guild’s efforts!

Claiming victory in the Zone Wars awards your guild ownership of a Fort for the week, and this Fort becomes a canvas for room configuration and land use, unlocking a realm of advantages for your Guild’s development:

Within the heart of each Fort lies the War Forge, a mystical powerhouse accumulating charges daily, allowing you and your guildmates to War Forge your weapons to unleash their true potential and fortify your armor for enhanced defense

In the ever-evolving world of Ravendawn, Guilds rise and fall, Strongholds and Forts change hands, and the destiny of the realm rests in your hands. Will your guild seize victory in the Zone Wars and emerge stronger, forging a legacy that stands the test of time?!

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