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Your adventurous life in Ravendawn begins with creating your character. Character creation and its aspects are a fundamental part of the game; we will outline the main features of character customization in Ravendawn below.


All starts on the creation screen; you will have four slots available for character creation. Upon accessing a slot, you can choose from eight archetypes to be your initial archetype. Additionally, you must select your name, and it's not possible to choose a name already in use by another player. Once you've chosen your name and archetype, you can enter the game and start your adventure.

Character Menu

In-game, you can access the Character Menu through the 'X' shortcut key. On this screen, you have three available tabs:

Equipment - Stats - Customization

At the bottom of the Menu you have information about current Attack Power and Defense Power, also Infamy points (when you kill someone these points increase)


The Equipment tab is divided into slots for armor, weapons, necklace, trinket, fishing rod, hook, and rings.

You can equip different types of equipment, but equipping specific sets of 2 or 4 pieces ensures special SET bonuses. You can equip 1 necklace and one trinket at a time, as well as up to 2 rings (some specific rings can only have one copy equipped). You can equip 2 one-handed weapons of the same type or different types in the weapon and shield slots, as well as one one-handed weapon and one shield. A two-handed weapon or shield occupies both weapon/shield slots.

Bonus Set

By equipping 2 or 4 pieces of the same set (plate, leather, or cloth), you receive a set bonus based on the number of equipped parts:

Set Parts Type Bonus
(2/4) Cloth + 5% Attack Speed/Casting Time/Global Cooldown. +7% Spell Defense
(4/4) Cloth + 10% Attack Speed/Casting Time/Global Cooldown. +15% Spell Defense
Set Parts Type Bonus
(2/4) Leather + 4% Crit Chance. Reduces Stun/Slow Duration by 10%ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤᅠㅤㅤᅠ
(4/4) Leather + 8% Crit Chance. Reduces Stun/Slow Duration by 20%ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Set Parts Type Bonus
(2/4) Plate + 3% Maximum Health. + 4% Healing Received. + 5% Weapon Defense
(4/4) Plate + 6% Maximum Health. + 8% Healing Received. + 10% Weapon Defenseᅠ

Character Stats

In Ravendawn, character progression is based on your character's stats and attributes. These contribute to the overall power of your character, which is measured through Attack Power (AP) and Defense Power (DP).

As you level up your active and inactive archetypes, your character will earn attribute points.

  • You gain 2 attribute points per effective level
  • You gain additional attribute points based on your inactive archetypes as per the table below:
Inactive Archetype Level Points / Level
1-20 1 Point / 4 Levels
21-40 1 Point / 3 Levels
41-60 1 Point / 2 Levels
61+ 2 Points / 1 Level

These attribute points can be allocated across the five character stats, with each stat increasing a particular set of character attributes:

Image Stat Effect
Vitality Increases Maximum Health, Health Regeneration, Spell Defense, and Weapon Defense
Might Increases Weapon Power and Weapon Defense
Intelligence Increases Spell Power and Healing Power
Dextery Increases Haste, Spell Defense and Weapon Defense
Wisdom Increases Spell Defense, Mana Regeneration, Maximum Mana, and Healing Power


Image Attribute Effect
Spell Power Increases your damage when using magic-based abilities and weapons
Weapon Power Increases your damage when using physical-based abilities and weapons
Spell Defense Reduces magic damage taken
Weapon Defense Reduces physical damage taken
Healing Power Increases the healing done by your abilities
Maximum Health Increases your total health
Maximum Mana Increases your total mana
Health Regeneration Increases your passive health regeneration
Mana Regeneration Increases your passive mana regeneration
Precision Increases your chance to land a critical hit
Impact Increases the damage (%) of your critical hits
Haste Increases your attack speed and reduces your casting time and global cooldown

Character Skills

Skill points play a crucial role in enhancing and expanding your character's abilities as you progress through the game. You earn one skill point for every effective level you attain, along with additional skill points based on your inactive archetypes.

We have an effective level 28, which means we're going to have 28 skill points based solely on our effective level. However, that's not all, we'll also receive additional points based on our inactive archetypes.

From level 1 to 30, you receive one skill point at levels 10, 20, and 30, all of which are acquired from inactive archetypes. After level 30, you'll gain an additional skill point every 5 levels, also sourced from inactive archetypes.

This table helps you understand how your inactive archetypes assist you in earning more attribute points and skill points.

The first row represents levels, the second row represents attributes, and you earn an attribute at each 'A' tag. The third row represents skills, and you earn a skill at each 'S' tag.


The Customization tab allows you to change your character's appearance, each type of equipped weapon grants a basic skin and you can change 4 color sections of the character.

It is possible to change head skins, clothes and weapons. Many NPCs spread across Ravendawn grant you parts of skins in exchange for favors or specific items.


pay attention to the tips and quantities of items requested and go in search of the best outfits.


Outfits T3 only be used by players with Patron.


Unfortunately the perils of Ravendawn will overwhelm you if you're not careful, but your adventure is not over!

When your character dies, you will have options of where you will respawn, usually the closest township. If you're above level 20, you'll experience an experience "debt," which means that you don't actually lose any experience that you've earned up to that point, but you will have to earn experience back before you can progress further. For example, if you had 10,000 experience before death, you might get a debt of 100 experience, which means you'd have to earn 100 before you could go past 10,000.

Alternatively, you can pay silver to wipe the debt clean instead. The amount of silver you'll need to pay is proportionate to the experience you'll have to repay.

As far as your loot and gear, you do not lose anything aside from things that are meant to be a risk/reward, such as trade packs and fish. You will retain the loot you've earned from monsters, and your equipment will remain on your character.

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