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Aether Stones

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Aether stones are magical crystals that can drop on rare occasions from a defeated creature.

After activating the crystal, waves of creatures from the same family as the creature that dropped the Aether stone will be summoned, these creatures do not provide XP when they die but carry their experience and loot back to the Aether Stone, when the crystal is fully charged the waves stop and it is possible to collect the crystal, which will give you all the xp and loot that has been accumulated.

Important Notes

  • Aether Stones can only be activated by a player in the same level range as the creature that dropped the crystal.
  • If the player is in a party and is close to it when the stone is loaded and used, the xp and loot will be shared between the party.
  • It is possible for a player who has not participated in the fight and who is in the same level range as the Aether Stone to use the stone and receive all the xp and loot accumulated for him, causing the team or player who killed the waves to lose all their reward.
  • Aether stones have a lifespan, if no one faces or activates them, they will disappear after a while.

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