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Dynamic Events

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Dynamic events are missions that appear in specific locations in each region, these events can appear either randomly or by completing certain conditions for them to appear, most of them take place in the open world and all players can participate, they can be done both in groups and alone and you will receive the final reward based on your participation within the event.


Dynamic events synchronize your effective level to pair with the effective level of the event itself to make it fairer, this happens when your level is close to the level of the dynamic event or when you start participating but if it is not you can pair it yourself by clicking on the green icon in the menu of the event.

If you are not synchronized, your progress in the event will not be counted.

If the event icon looks like this, you are not synchronized.

If you click on it and it looks like the image below, you are participating in the event!

The event's progress is tracked by the purple bar, which shows the participation of all players who are in the event. Your progress is tracked by the green bar, and the reward you will receive will be based on your participation.

Every time a player completes a dynamic event, they enter in scarcity and will not receive rewards from that same event for a certain time.

Some events activate with the player's own interference, such as the one using 4 wines.

There are events that require a minimum level to be activated, such as the Hadarak minotaurs, which must be at least level 50 to activate.

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